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How to choose a master to repair the apartment

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[url=http://www.lineyka.net/]http://www.lineyka.net/[/url] It is the decorations that make a real cozy room out of a simple room. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention even to such small details as curtains, cushions, lamps, sockets and switches. Any little thing, selected with taste, can give a zest to the design of the room with your own hands, make its image holistic and complete.

And it's not only about creating a beautiful interior: with the help of a thoughtful design, you can change the geometry of the space, visually increase the size of the room, create a suitable atmosphere and mood. Take on board the best design options, interior trends and design life hacks - they will help you quickly decide on the future type of apartment.

After that, all the work is worth. I have a complete video tutorial on how I made these bench covers using fabric and rope from artists. The total cost to re-coat them was about $ 10. This is the fabric that I love to use. This is from Menards and I used it for both the sofa cover and the bench.I had to use extra fabric that I left behind from another project, but if you buy the largest fabric from Menards for about $ 30, you should have enough to do both projects.

Repair of a narrow corridor (hallway-corridor) A long and narrow corridor is usually found in typical panel houses. Here the main task becomes the choice of the "right" finishing materials - you will need to competently use, zone and organize the available space Repair of this type of hallway is also not difficult - everything has been calculated / studied for a long time, the designers only immediately warn that a lot of light will be needed for such a narrow and long space, so lighting devices will have to be chosen more carefully.

We chose the tiles that were in stock, so as not to delay the repair at all. For ceramic tiles, a tiler was hired on the recommendation. It would be a shame to buy a good tile, but to put it "hoop-up". Tiles in the hallway. In the toilet and bathroom.

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